Metcalf has operated a cultural resource management office in North Dakota for more than 20 years, conducting projects ranging from large-scale pipeline and windfarm projects to smaller well pads and access roads. In every project, no matter the size, our staff strives to provide good value to our clients by completing projects in a timely and efficient manner.

Here are some of the numerous projects that Metcalf has conducted based out of our North Dakota office:

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Aerial site overview of Lynch KRF Quarry

NHL Nomination for the Lynch KRF Quarry

Project type: NHL Nomination

Client: State Historical Society of ND

Location: North Dakota

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Metcalf compiled all of the documentation on the Lynch Knife River Flint Quarry and composed a National Historic Landmark (NHL) nomination, highlighting the unique and invaluable research potential it holds. During the nomination process, Metcalf made a presentation in Washington D.C. to the NHL committee. The NHL advisory board recommended the Lynch Quarry to Department of the Interior Secretary, Kenneth Salazar, who signed the NHL into history on July 13, 2011. Metcalf helped present the NHL plaque to the landowners in the spring of 2012. The Lynch KRF Quarry is only the sixth NHL to be designated in the state of North Dakota.

Wind farm survey in South Dakota

PrairieWinds SD1

Project type: Windfarm

Client: PrairieWinds SD1, Inc.

Location: South Dakota

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Metcalf provided cultural resource compliance services for a windfarm containing 135 wind turbines located in Aurora, Brule, and Jerauld Counties, South Dakota. A total of 85 sites were encountered on the project and the vast majority of them were avoided by construction. The sites that could not be avoided were recorded to ensure that all of the necessary legal requirements were met. Additionally, Metcalf provided Native American tribal consulting services on the project, in an attempt to protect important cultural properties.

Hisrotic railroad recording in North Dakota

Berthold Station

Project type: Facility Construction

Client: Merjent

Location: North Dakota

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Metcalf provided cultural compliance services for the construction of pipeline facilities covering more than 100 acres in Ward County, North Dakota. Only 1 site, a historic railroad line, was found during the project and the project was able to avoid any damage to it. An important cemetery was also found just outside the area and we recommended steps to retain the historic feel of the site.

Pipeline survey in North and South Dakota

Keystone Pipeline

Project type: Pipeline

Client: AECOM

Location: North Dakota and South Dakota

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Metcalf provided cultural compliance services for the portions of the Keystone pipeline project located in North and South Dakota. The project went through several stages lasting a number of years, and Metcalf ensured that cultural compliance requirements were met. Numerous sites were found, but they were all either avoided or properly recorded prior to disturbance. We also provided construction monitoring services on portions of the project that were likely to encounter buried cultural materials.