Metcalf has operated cultural resource management offices in Colorado for more than 30 years, conducting projects ranging from large-scale pipeline and seismic projects to smaller well pads and access roads. In every project, no matter the size, our staff strives to provide good value to our clients by completing projects in a timely and efficient manner.

Here are some of the numerous projects that Metcalf has conducted based out of our Colorado offices:

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Monitoring construction of wind turbine

Colorado Highlands Wind Project

Project type: Construction Monitoring

Client: Alliance Power

Location: Colorado

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In 2012, Metcalf monitored construction of 2 wind turbines to ensure that nearby archaeological sites were not disturbed. After the construction crew removed vegetation from the wind turbine site, Metcalf's crew inspected the area to determine whether there was a potential for buried cultural materials. After determining that there were no cultural resources, the construction resumed. Construction completed without disturbing the nearby sites and no buried cultural resources were encountered during the project.

Excavation work in Wyoming

Piceance Basin Expansion

Project type: Pipeline

Client: El Paso Corporation

Location: Colorado and Wyoming

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Metcalf provided cultural compliance services for a 155-mile-long, 24-inch natural gas pipeline through Rio Blanco and Moffat Counties, Colorado and Sweetwater County, Wyoming.  Metcalf conducted the initial field inventory and National Register of Historic Places site evaluations followed by the preparation and execution of a treatment plan for 12 sites.  Metcalf also conducted follow-up monitoring and post-construction treatment for identified cultural resources.  In addition to the fieldwork, the project involved extensive coordination with Colorado and Wyoming Bureau of Land Management offices, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the Colorado and Wyoming State Historic Preservation Offices.

Seismic survey in Utah

La Sal 3D Seismic

Project type: 3D Seismic Study

Client: Green River Energy Resources

Location: Utah

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Metcalf provided cultural compliance services for a seismic study covering over 1000 acres in San Juan County, Utah. During Metcalf's survey more than 100 sites were located and recorded. Despite the large number of sites, we were able to achieve complete avoidance of all archaeological sites by moving the location of source points and rerouting access. The project area was split between federal and state lands, so we worked with the necessary agencies to ensure that cultural compliance requirements were met.

Historic water siphon facility in Colorado

Siphon 5 Historic Documentation

Project type: Water Works

Client: Denver Water

Location: Colorado

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Metcalf provided Level II documentation of a historic water siphon located near Boulder, Colorado. This documentation was required by the Colorado State Historic Preservation Office because the client was planning on removing the historic feature and replacing it with a buried siphon. Metcalf provided historic architectural services to ensure that the siphon was properly documented and that all necessary federal and state regulations were met.