Metcalf crew working with helicopters in Colorado

Metcalf is committed to creating the safest work environment possible for all employees and partners. Over the past several years, we have implemented a robust safety and health program specifically tailored to address the risks unique to our work tasks. Each year, we evaluate the program and welcome suggestions from employees to improve our training. A company Safety Director administers the program with the support of a five member safety committee (consisting of employees in various roles and offices of the company), and the program has been endorsed by all levels of company management.

Training is the core of our safety program. Each year, training includes several levels of in-depth education on safety and health risks in our industry. First, all new employees are trained on our most common hazards before they conduct any work. Second, we hold company-wide training at least quarterly, covering important safety topics such as driving safety, accident reporting, emergency evacuation procedures, and CPR/first aid. Next, we hold brief daily safety meetings prior to conducting the fieldwork. The field supervisor directs these meetings and covers hazards specific to that day's work. Finally, we provide additional training as necessary for uncommon hazards specific to unique job tasks or that meet explicit requests from clients.

Our safety program has been recognized in Colorado and North Dakota for its level of quality. In Colorado, we received the state's Cost Containment Certification for the past several years, showing that we implemented a loss prevention and control program that meets their criteria. In North Dakota, we actively participate in the Safety Management Program, demonstrating that our program also meets their criteria for loss prevention.

In addition to our safety program, Metcalf implemented a wellness program to keep our employees as healthy as possible. The program, administered by Cigna, includes two major components. Each year, we encourage our employees to participate in a health risk assessment. Employees then have the opportunity to work directly with a health coach to set and reach the employee's health goals. Cigna's website also offers many informational materials to encourage healthy living, as well as a monthly newsletter shared with all employees detailing health tips, healthy recipes, and more.