Tour of New Belgium brewery during 2013 ESOP Summit

At Metcalf, our team members know that the work we do individually impacts the success of the company collectively. Our employees think and act like owners; individuals participate in decision making and empower one another to think creatively about our processes. We utilize the strengths of each employee-owner, supporting research and professional growth in many arenas. Our cooperative action builds efficiencies and fosters quality, in turn driving value to our clients, the company, and the discipline. Additionally, being part of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) means that the company allocates retirement savings for each individual without it coming out of our paychecks! The bottom line: We Own Our Success.

The mission of the ESOP Communications Committee, a peer-elected group of employees, is to promote a culture of ownership. We achieve our mission by:

  • Maintaining communication between the Board of Directors and employee-owners, management, and the trustees
  • Helping management and employee-owners realize our core values and fulfill our strategic plan
  • Disseminating information about the ESOP plan and what it means to be an employee-owner
  • Hosting events that bring offices and the company together to have fun
  • Being open to questions, comments, and ideas from all employee-owners